Over 8000 weapons were deactivated and donated to the project. Over four thousand were deactivated by the artists.  South Africa, Nicaragua, South Korea and Spain were the first non-Canadian organizations (NGO’S) to donate deactivated guns. Many countries that were unable to donate firearms due to export policy restrictions sent strong letters of support. 


The artists created the Art but it took incredible commitment, volunteer hours, effort, in-kind donations and financial support by a global community dedicate to peace and challenging violence to make the Gun Sculpture a reality. Our heartfelt thanks to:

Financial - Canadian Millennium Commission, Alberta Government, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton Arts Council, Carry Steel, Highlands Moving and generous individuals. Donation of weapons -  Police, military, Peace groups, Student organizations, NGOs and foreign Governments. Victims Component - NGOs, families nd individuals from around the world


The 114 images of victims and survivors (and their stories) came from NGOs, families and individuals geographically ranging from Ireland, the Philippines, Chile to Canada (they asked, only, that their stories were told).