Wallis Kendal

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Wallis is an visual artist, writer, designer of children's toys, social activist, and world traveler. He is a published author of novels, plays and poetry.

Wallis is working on two books, the Gun Sculpture, with Sandra Bromley, and a biography on his encounters with youth. He is  working with Harvard students on innovative experiential education curriculum for high-risk and at-risk children and youth.  Wallis is the co-founder (with Sandra) of the iHuman Youth Society.


  • 2000 Salute to Excellence Arts Award from the City of Edmonton
  • Time Magazine (Canadian Edition, 2005) as a Canadian Hero for his work with traumatized youth
  • 2008 Honoured Alumni Award from the University of Alberta for his commitment to community service
  • CEASE Man of Honour Award, 2012. 

Wallis is presently working on the development of innovative education for high-risk youth using curriculum embedded in the arts. Harvard students are participants in the research project.


















Sandra Bromley

RCA, CCHS Fellow

Sandra is a recognized artist whose works have appeared in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Her multidisciplinary, interactive art includes traditional sculpture as well as video, sound, photography, and installation. She works independently and in collaboration with artists and professionals in other disciplines. Sandra's work has taken her to many parts of the world, including Sierra Leone and Cambodia.

Graduated from the University of Alberta, Canada, in 1979 with a BFA (Distinction) in sculpture,




  • 2000 Salute to Excellence Arts Award from the City of Edmonton
  • 2002-03 Canadian Consortium for Human Security Fellowship (artworks concerned with issues of women and children in post-conflict countries) that took her to work in Sierra Leone and Cambodia
  • Global Woman of Vision Award, 2006
  • 2009 Honoured Alumni Award from the University of Alberta
  • Edmonton Salute to Excellence, Hall of Fame (artist and builder)
  • 2012 YWCA Woman of Distinction
  • Queens Jubilee and Alberta Centennial Medal

Sandra is presently leading a campaign to renovate a building for iHuman Youth Society www.ihuman.org