Dr Steven Aung conducted a powerful Buddhist blessing of the Gun Sculpture for World Peace, August 15, 2015 , photos sill soon be posted.  Glenbow Museum

1. Gun Sculpture - at the Glenbow Museum, Calgary until September 27, 2015

2. CBC - Chris dela Torre, interviews Sandra Bromley about the Gun Sculpture on exhibit at the Glenbow Museum

3. Catalogue introduction:  The claim that violence is an essential human condition perhaps overlooks the purposeful ideological machine that spurs our brutality and profits from it, be it in the form of civil wars and genocides or isolated domestic homicides. For Canadian artists Sandra Bromley and Wallis Kendal, the seemingly universal culture of violence is propelled by an invisible economy, namely, the global trafficking of weapons. Where the worldwide dissemination of arms takes place through clandestine exchanges—between governments, terrorists, gangs, or on the black market—Bromley and Kendal’s Gun Sculpture makes the secret life of weapons visible. Standing at 8ft high x 12ft long x 8ft wide, and weighing 5 tons, the rectangular structure is a monstrous aggregate of over 7000 deactivated weapons, including handguns, AK47s, rifles, landmines, and ammunition....more from Amanda Boetzkes

4......By using the visual and emotional appeal of art and artifacts to help stimulate visitor thinking, The Art of Peacemaking — The Gun Sculpture follows practices that are inherently familiar to museums. Marrying these three-dimensional objects to emotional stories and personal reflections, it seeks to affect visitors with an appreciation of just how immediate and important the subject of violence and war can be. Like a museum, The Gun Sculpture uses collections, or physical objects, to promote ideas; like many museums, it also addresses its messages especially, and specifically, to Canada’s youth. more from Dean Oliver and Laura Brandon, Canadian War Museum